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Thread: Tuning SUPERTRAPP for S&S 95" upgrade

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    floutier Guest

    Default Tuning SUPERTRAPP for S&S 95" upgrade

    Hello everyone
    I installed a S&S 95" stage II kit (cylinders, pistons, heads, cam .585) on a 2004 Dyna sport EFI. I already had Supertrapps mufflers before mounting the kit and it run well (sound & performance wise) with 14 discs (see picture). Now the sound is howfully high (>110 db on idle), really ambarassing in downtown streets.... I removed discs down to 6 total and kept the closed end cap and the sound is even nastier (higher frequency and as loud) and performances are down...
    Seems to me I can't remove too many discs to keep the flow section decent.
    Any suggestion ? Change the entire muffler type to get a deep loud sound ? Get longer ones? Get a 2 in 1? Thanks all for any advise...
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    We have never had ANY system, including no baffle drap pipes idle at 110db?
    I would suggest checking the mounting, something else is wrong. The increase in bore and such will make it a little louder, but not that much, no is 96" very big to be causing that much of a difference. Check the mufflers, mounting, leaks, etc.

    With that said, if you do decide to go to a different system, the SuperTrapp SuperMeg 2:1 is by far the best.

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    floutier Guest


    Thanks jwells. What else than the discs can be mounted wrong?: I checked the line from the cylinder exhaust, the connection to the muffler, and the right position of the discs being well stacked flat. However the Zodiac distributor of your products in France is telling me that I might reload fiberglass "stuffing" inside. But where is "inside" once you have removed the discs? If this is true, I have not done that since I have the supertrapps 5 years ago and 50000 km.!!! Can the internal structure of the muffler (where the discs are screwed) be dissociated from the chrome body? I see one screw only in the middle of the external lower part of the muffler. Is that it? Any recommandation if it is locked rusted in order to pull all this thing out?
    Thank again for your expert advises. Competent people are not that common....
    ps: do you confirm the SupertrappSuperMeg2:1 will give me deep low sound? ....and keeps the benefit of my S&S 95" kit?

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    bschultz Guest


    The mufflers are servicable, can be repacked with fiberglass muffler packing.
    Remove the mufflers from the bike, remove the cosmetic end-cap and the disc assembly. Remove the button head screw on the bottom of the muffler body that screws into the core assembly. Friction is the only thing holding the core assembly after these screws are removed. Work at knocking the core assembly out the back of the muffler by using a hammer and wooden dowel (piece of broom handle) from the inlet end. If they have never been serviced they can be stuborn; however with some penetrating oil (soak overnite), maybe a little heat, a lot of patience and persistance they can usually be removed.
    Ask your dealer to provide you with good quality fiberglass muffler packing, normally blanket form. Wrap the core, secure with paper tape to hold in place while installing core assembly in body.
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    bschultz Guest


    The SuperTrapp SuperMeg is a good option and will provide a deep throaty sound.

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    floutier Guest


    Thanks Super trapp Guru!!
    Did exactly what you described and it worked very well..!! Knocked the core out of the mufler by slamming it down on my workbench exactly vertically. It was empty, was never packed with fiberglass. Filled it with good fiberrock blanket. Mounted it back by slamming it backwards: trick: make sure the core screw hole is VERY well align with the muffler screw hole and work it step by step in. Sound is greatly muffled, much better!!!! thanks a lot.

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    floutier Guest


    Despite the fiberglass filling that worked well, I really believe I will buy a SuperMeg 2:1 next spring...!!
    However, distribution price in Europe is a rip off: 900€ dealer price after Zodiac distributor and dealer take their margin. It means 1350 US$!!! versus 675 $ in the US. Where is the catch?

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    bschultz Guest


    Have you ever tried to ship an oversized box across the Atlantic? Yeah, it may sound padded; however if there is an issue, our European distributors/dealers can provide the attention and Customer Service you deserve on a local level.

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    floutier Guest

    Default Clearance with a supermeg 2 in 1?

    I really think I will get a 2 in 1 supermeg for my Dyna sport. However, does the clearance on the right side still good compared to the stock mufflers?, or even better? Our European roads have a lot of nice curves and I am alread
    y touching quite often with the stock mufflers. I don not want to turn only on left curves..!!
    Thank you for your answer.

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    bschultz Guest


    This pipe has been around for a while and we have not had any clearance issues/complaints from our customers.

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