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Thread: Suggested starting point.

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    Geezer-Glide Guest

    Default Suggested starting point.

    Could you offer suggestions for a good starting point please? Here's my new build: 95", Dave Mackie modified Screamin' Eagle HTCC heads (To look like his megasphere system) HTCC Pro pistons with 10.5:1 Compression Ratio. Anderws 32G cam, (570 lift) CV44 carb. SuperTrapp SuperMeg 2:1. All this on a 2003 Electra Glide Classic.

    Currently I'm running the open end cap and 11 discs. The bike feels and acts weak at higher speeds. I realize it's an 800# bagger and not a road rocket, but my thoughts are it should respond better to throttle input at speed. (75+ MPH freeway speeds).

    Is this something I can tune with discs, or do you think I should be looking elsewhere in the build?

    Thanks in advance, and nice looking fourm!!

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    bschultz Guest


    Sounds like you may need a little more top end flow. Try adding discs (2 at a time) up to 6 more. If performance does not improve then I would go back to the intake combination, possibly fuel delivery.

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    Geezer-Glide Guest


    Thanks!! That's my job for tonight.

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    Geezer-Glide Guest


    Well now! That worked!! I started with three discs, and it definately made a difference. The motor's now awake, sitting up with it's feet on the floor. Now, add another disc and see if I can make it run across the room! Thanks for the advice!!!

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