Q. What is the major benefit of using SuperTrapp products?
Tunability, quality, and years of performance exhaust experience and testing. We do not release SuperTrapp products to the market unless we can show a documented performance improvement. SuperTrapp tunable disc mufflers have been proven to make power for years. The reason is that SuperTrapp discs provide a scavenging effect. Here’s how it works: the gap between each disc ranges from .023-in. wide on the inside of the muffler, to .028-in. on the external open edge. As hot exhaust gases pass through the discs to exit the muffler, they enter a larger area, creating a slight pressure drop as the gas expands, creating a scavenging effect for the hot gas still inside the muffler. Adding discs increases the size of the exhaust outlet area. Removing discs decreases the exhaust outlet surface area. Many competitors have tried to copy our disc design, but have never been able to duplicate the performance of genuine SuperTrapp discs.

Q. What is the warranty on SuperTrapp exhausts?

All SuperTrapp products come with a limited one-year warranty against workmanship and mechanical failure. For warranty questions click here.

Q. Will I be able to maintain my center stand and drain plug access?
The majority of SuperTrapp/Kerker systems have been designed for easy access to the drain plug and retention of the center stand.

Q. Do you have to take the complete exhaust system off to change slip-ons?

No. Slip-ons are just as they infer. Loosen the clamp at the inlet of the muffler, remove the mount bolts from the muffler and remove the muffler from the bike. Reverse the process to install the new mufflers.

Q. How do I know which way to install my discs?
The discs are always installed with the flat surface against the end of the muffler and the tapered outer lip pointing away from the muffler. Additionally, our 3” and 4” discs have “SuperTrapp” stamped on the inside of the disc that faces away from the muffler. Our 5” discs have “SuperTrapp” stamped on the flat side of the disc that goes against the end of the muffler. Always remember to use an end cap with the discs. The end cap is formed to nest into the discs and is an additional indicator of the correct installation direction. Download complete instructions HERE (Adobe PDF Reader required)

Q. How tight should disc screws be?
Fifteen inch-pounds. Or, two more turns once the screw heads hit the discs. Then check after your first ride and make any adjustment. Note: It is very important that you liberally use an anti-seize lubricant on the screws that hold the discs onto the core.

Q. Do disc screws need Locktite or an anti-seize compound on them?
Yes, an anti-seize lubricant should be used. These compounds resist heat and moisture and will ease the future removal of the fastener. Do not use Locktite, as it is an adhesive thread-locking compound. We recommend using a high temperature, copper based anti-seize lubricant.