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    2020 marks the 12 year of my ZX-9R SuperTrapp partnership

    Thought I'd artsy up her 2020 season ending picture a little. Same bike. Same SuperTrapp. Swapped in a younger motor because I basically got it for free. The old motor's valve oil seals were...
  2. Got the old girl fixed. It was my mistake...

    Got the old girl fixed. It was my mistake putting the original burned out fuel pump into the bike, thinking a simple filing of the contact points would solve it. Apparently on some of them, when...
  3. Ad: Act now and we'll throw in SuperTrapp mirror cleaner

    Forum context
  4. ťan Creiche*

    As circumstance would have it, I had to take my backup bike, my other SuperTrapp ZX-9R, for a group riding trip. We met several other riders, most who were on sportbikes too. By day we rode curvy...
  5. Now I can see a similar KTM 790 going FSBO here soon too.

    The KTM 990 was crashed for a second time recently, but it wasn't the owner's fault. It's slated for repair, so maybe some more videos to come?

    On a related note, another KTM 790 rider had to...
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    Fellow unrelated ZX-9R owner got taken out by a...

    Fellow unrelated ZX-9R owner got taken out by a deer this weekend. Still trying to determine which non-SuperTrapp aftermarket muffler his bike had.

    I've been riding a lot. Crossed the path of...
  7. 'Your ZX-9R is no joke'

    Lately, Iíve been focusing more attention on...
  8. Quite the classic story behind today's 213 miles...

    Quite the classic story behind today's 213 miles to reserve. A personal record for this Muzzy equipped bike, its first time over 180.

    On Friday I needed fuel in the bike's tank since it was...
  9. The Muzzy bike is still a work in progress. I...

    The Muzzy bike is still a work in progress. I checked the valve clearances and replaced the Factory Pro +4 ignition advance with a stock timing rotor. From a previous ride, I started to see a...
  10. FSBO or trade KTM 990 Super Duke with Akropovic exhaust for anything w/a SuperTrapp


    SuperTrapp Aluminum Racing Series v. twin Akropovic KTM Super Duke 990.

    The SuperTrapp bike is giving up 100 cc in displacement and ~10 years of motorcycling evolution. The ZX-9R literally...
  11. Muzzy & stock muffler v. SuperTrapp, apples-to-apples.

    After several rides to lower and higher altitudes, the best compromise (carbs are a compromise), are their current settings with the diffuser back in place. I need it in there for the higher summits...
  12. Addressing some flat spot when going WOT

    This has everything to do with a motor refresh I did over the winter. The new engine doesn't like the old engine's carburetor settings. So right after, I dropped the main jets one step. But was...
  13. A little ride story

    Circumstantial riding last week. Got a wild hair after fueling in a couple gallons. Told myself that it was okay to put some miles on the bike up into the nearby mountains, just go easy, lean the...
  14. What is one diffuser worth, removed?

    When it contributes 5% to the gap of combined diffusers with a closed end-cap, it's enough to drop AFR on my 899cc sportbike as follows:

    I don't know how to calculate surface area, so I'm just...
  15. Wide-band Lambda AFR reverse SuperTrapp tuning and FAQ confirmation

    As the SuperTrapp FAQ recommends, you should alter the number of exhaust diffusers, ride and determine if performance is more or less to your liking. Well, I now have a tool to take the guesswork...
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    The bike is up to 137K miles and still scaring animals

    While I stuck to the sunny side of a windy foothill route I'd pass one pasture after another with either cows or goats or whatever. On up ahead I could see what looked like one of the goats had...
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    Site registration disabled

    Someone might want to check on that.
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    This may be some sort of sportbike record

    I'm fairly confident of that. Only way to tell is if someone can find or someone comes forth with something to the contrary. I've been a ZX-9R owner for 11 years and I've never seen or heard of...
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    More to come this year too.

    She's over 134,000 miles at this point. I can sometimes see how my harsh riding is taking a told on her, but to give you a glimpse of what we've been up to:

    Post ride bug splattered...
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    Reposting Just threw together some...


    Just threw together some powerwheelies on the sE1, four in total, but with two you get the idea.

    Refresher: This is the California EVAP emissions model of the ZX-9R, the one...
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    End of 2018

    Reposting: 2018 Year End
  22. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself.

    This is what I mean. Whether it's getting down and having some thrills with the horizon tilted or the previous weekend where it's zipping across the country, there's something very unusual about...
  23. 240 Mile Per Tank ZX-9R Demonstration Playlist

    The full four video playlist for short.
  24. Follow along with the 240 mile per tank SuperTrapp shod ZX-9R Ninja

    For those not familiar, a ZX-9R is a 899cc late 90's early 00's Kawasaki Ninja sportbike of the liter bike class genre. A true 175 MPH RAM Air sleeper. Cycle World lists the bike's top speed at...
  25. This makes two SuperTrapp clad Ninja Sportbikes that are leaping the charts

    First off, I recently repeated some modifications to one of my ZX-9R's fueling & SuperTrapp diffuser settings that are unconventional. Well the carb settings are, not so much on the ST end. They're...
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