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    SuperTrapp Fatshots loose after long ride

    I installed a set of SuperTrapp Fatshots on my '09 H-D Ultra Classic a few months ago and have really enjoyed them. Two weekends ago, I took a long ride (6.5 hours) up to the North Carolina mountains...
  2. I wanted to follow up on this, in case anyone...

    I wanted to follow up on this, in case anyone else is doing an installation on a bike with a similar set up. I decided to start with 10 discs to see how loud they would be. I've only done a short...
  3. Fat Shots on '09 Ultra Classic, where to start?

    I just ordered a set of Supertrapp Fat Shots (model #728-71576) for my 2009 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic. The bike has a Stage 1 upgrade and I'm replacing a set of high performance mufflers that are...
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