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  1. No sportbike can go 250 miles on one tank of fuel.

    The inner story to Sunday's one v one ride.
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    Supertrapp two-tone disc-diffuser color?

    Supertrapp FAQ - Spark Plug coloring
    Coffee with light cream = Just right.
    Dark = Too rich. You need to add discs.

    Seems straightforward enough.

    So, what's it called when the exhaust...
  3. I'm closing in on a final setting for this bike, Supertrapp diffusers to come off

    The primary goal has always been to get this bike to perform and secondarily make it more civilized than it is at the moment. I can report that I'm getting closer to one of the two goals, which means...
  4. My Supertrapp was just roaring today on this bike!

    Super satisfied at the moment. Started the day with some blockage in the spare set of once dirty carburetors I recently installed. One or two of the pilot circuits, maybe all of them, according to...
  5. And back to the original bike, the first one I installed a Supertrapp on

    This one, the one I just put a Supertrapp aluminum racing series 2" ID x 13" L x 4" OD on.
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    This isn't an official reply, but I too feel that...

    This isn't an official reply, but I too feel that Supertrapp has lost their Web Forum moderator(s) in favor of Facebook. I'm sure if you give a post over there
  7. 2 days of UEGO gauge recordings collected

    Nothing too Earth shattering about the AFR numbers, from what I can tell. I've watched them repeatedly so it's ingrained in my memory. I think I was expecting something very different from the...
  8. And back to the original bike, the first one I installed a Supertrapp on

    I had some peculiar issue with the operation and reliability of the bike. It was hard to diagnose. She even stranded me outside of town one night some months back. Fuel pump issue, again. Most...
  9. Brackets welded and mounted. ...

    Brackets welded and mounted.
  10. Guess what? The Muzzy has been replaced by my third Supertrapp! Supertrapp motorcycle slip-on installation how-to. Replacing that awful Muzzy!

    Preliminary AFRs indicate it's a whole new ballgame. In the 1...
  11. continued Aluminum Racing Series sportbike application

    Approximating which region of the muffler the mounting plates will be welded. They have to be bent first as well, a process that usually takes a skilled welder about half an hour to perfect....
  12. continued Aluminum Racing Series sportbike application

    Like so. Now slip the squeeze clamp over the compression zone at the front of the muffler....
  13. continued Aluminum Racing Series sportbike application

    I skipped a step in the photo sequence. This shows the muffler pulled back after aligning the muffler's final position over the mid-pipe. The hole is initially drilled through the aluminum and...
  14. continued Aluminum Racing Series sportbike application

    Use a round sided metal file to smooth out any burrs or imperfections to make for easier mounting and a more snug fit over the mid-pipe. Do not file the aluminum, just the steel inner core, which is...
  15. Supertrapp motorcycle slip on installation how-to. Replacing that awful Muzzy!

    Remove the old muffler. In this case a CF Muzzy that's held in at two points, the bolt on the passenger foot peg and a squeeze clamp at the mid-pipe....
  16. The story my friend told me wasn't true. The H2...

    The story my friend told me wasn't true. The H2 rider hasn't changed bikes. I ran across him on a ride in the mountains, so I don't know if my buddy was mistaken or pulling my leg, but neglecting...
  17. My 900 got roasted by a 200 HP late model Aprilia RSV4 in the mountains.

    We had ridden one of our staple mountain summits today, then headed into a small town for lunch. While there, motorcycles passed by here and there. Some stopped, then left. But this one guy showed...
  18. SuperTrapp Fatshots VS. Bassani DNT - Sound Comparison with Decibel readings

    Supertrapp Fatshots and Bassani DNT sound comparison shoot out

    After the lack of real sound comparison videos or even real sound clips on the Bassani...
  19. 0.84 λ is the sweet spot

    But the shocker for me still is how much more power my SuperTrapp bikes have when ridden on the street than the bike I purchased with the Muzzy CF can. It's so cliche to say there's no comparison,...
  20. Thread: Automotive

    by kz550

    Supertrapp WaveTech Muffler Unbox and Review for Scion FR-S

    Owner is in love with his car all over again.

    Supertrapp WaveTech Muffler unbox & explanation + review and sound. Scion FR-S/ Subaru BRZ/ Toyota GT86

    This muffler includes:
    - Muffled exhaust...
  21. Switched the gauge over to λ (Lambda). SuperTrapp diffusers unchanged

    Looking forward to taking the bike out again soon to see what λ (Lambda) values she'll show. Not actually expecting any surprises, but confirmation.

    According to the YT dyno tuners, I should be...
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    Forgot, there was one more. ...

    Forgot, there was one more.
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    Sexy SuperTrapp exhausts

    Other notables.
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    Sexy SuperTrapps motorcycle pornography.

    Found on Twitter by searching #SuperTrapp and
  25. Ethanol-Free E0 v E10 pump gas

    Many, if not most, SuperTrapp owners might benefit from this little explanation of when to and when not to use Ethanol-free fuel (E0) or E10 ethanol enhanced pump gasoline. If you have carburetors...
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