View Full Version : 09 road king with supermega

05-26-2009, 06:48 PM
if i fit a 2 into 1 supermega to a 09 road king with an open end cap and the bike is stock will it run ok

05-26-2009, 08:06 PM
The motor is too lean to start with,you will make a bad situation worst plus damage the motor.

05-27-2009, 07:41 AM
07-09 Closed Loop FI bikes are on the lean side in low rpm/low throttle settings, this is where they do the epa emmission testing. In this range they run in the 14-1 AFR range. A little lean, but not as bad as many people will try and make you think. Whe you crack the throttle, or are in higher RPM it is running a much more perfomance oriented 12.5-13 to 1 AFR.
When you change exhaust your bike WILL automatically adjust to run the SAME AFR as stock. So you are NOT making it run any worse than it was before. You will not damage or wear the motor than with the stock exhaust.