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05-11-2009, 12:23 AM
2010 fuel mileage tracker

See how she's been doing here >>> http://www.fuelly.com/sig-us/31741.png (http://www.fuelly.com/driver/e1/zx9r). For 2008 - 2011 and beyond, I'll be adding as many recorded rides as possible.

Original post:
I thought I would share this weekend's experience with some of you Supertrapp tuners. A little background: while tuning my ZX-9r's Supertrapp universal slip-on exhaust for more power, I ended up with two unexpected side affects, 4-9% better MPG & a cooler running engine. It certainly feels more powerful, but I expected fuel consumption to go up with the power increase, not down. After opening her up from 6 discs to 9, my 899cc engined, five gallon fuel tank bike translates to a range beyond 240 miles. For the past 4,500 miles MPG has consistently been above 52, pushing potential ranges up to 270 miles.

Perhaps some of you will have your own surprising stories to share. Here's mine.

Mother's Day weekend 2009 - As predicted, mine (http://forums.supertrapp.com/showthread.php?p=1642) got its first bewildered attention this weekend during two days of group rides. The first day was a 300 miler with several Gixxr/R1 crazies. Theirs was a fast pace over mountain summits, canyons, sea-level valleys, long straightaways, you name it. Caught grief for handing the fuel hose over to the next guy after only putting in 2 gallons at the half way point. "Put in more. You run out, we're not coming back out to pick you up." http://kawasakiworld.com/images/smilies/rant.gif ...or something to that affect. I know this bike. Two gallons is more than enough. As it turned out one was all that was needed. She never hit reserve Saturday. Even I was surprised.

Blew past the group gas stop today running two up. http://www.zxforums.com/forums/images/smilies/rotflmao.gif Didn't know there WAS a group gas stop planned. In that group was at least one other ZX-9, but it didn't have a Supertrapp exhaust can. Down the road, our lunch food was arriving about the same time the group showed up at the restaurant: small town, big group. Man, it took FOREVER for their food to come out. http://www.zxforums.com/forums/images/smilies/crackup.gif We did our best to keep the conversation interesting, but that's sometimes difficult with a mouth full of food.

Two day total: 484 miles on 9.1g. Belch!!

05/24/09 group ride - Pardon the repetition. Skipped the gas stops (plural) on yesterday's Memorial Day weekend group ride, but kindly stayed with the group. What a hassle!! Driving out of our way just for gas; borrrrrring. Then there was the waiting & contemplating. We were together the whole day, riding the same way, so why are their bikes so poor on gas? Hmmm. Looking around. Oh, that's right. Me Supertrapp, them using those other pipes. Next time, I'm packing a magazine or binoculars and driving ahead to a shady spot with a view.

05-11-2009, 07:05 AM
With today's gas prices, better economy is always a plus, glad to hear you ahd a good ride!

06-11-2009, 11:18 AM
... while tuning my ZX-9r's Supertrapp universal slip-on exhaust for more power, I ended up with two unexpected side affects, 4-9% better MPG & a cooler running engine. It certainly feels more powerful, but I expected fuel consumption to go up with the power increase, not down.

Having increased the power of the engine, you may find you're using less throttle to maintain the same cruising speed. Less throttle = less gas going into the engine.

06-21-2009, 09:26 AM
With Supertrapp on my 03-883 went from 50 MPG to 60 MPG :D and have gotten as high as 64.5:eek:

06-24-2009, 12:54 AM
With Supertrapp on my 03-883 went from 50 MPG to 60 MPG :D and have gotten as high as 64.5:eek:
You're a stud! Mine recorded only a little over 50 MPG this weekend (347m on 6.9g), but that's including a bunch of above century riding and a peak of 145MPH at one point. All under controlled conditions at the track. It wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be and I couldn't even hear my Trapp's roar for most of it.

She was tuned for the track by shimming the jet needle up 0.8mm, but maintaining 9 of 12 diffuser discs. That makes the mid-range a little richer and fatter.

08/01/09 thrill. Did my first, second gear wheelie passing slowpokes yesterday. The wheel coming up caught me by surprise, but it wasn't creating a danger so I just left it up while passing. The afterward fuel usage: 350 miles on 6.8g: 51 MPG.

New record 08/22/09 - Without wheelies, but including two 9,000' summits over 409 miles (7.72g), 53 MPG. When we stopped after a 200 mile nonstop, the BMW rider got off his bike to gawk at my 9r. He said his old 1998 ZX-9r never had this kind of range, which is why he sold it, also adding that he 'knew' I was bluffing before we set out. So much for what other people KNOW! The new record is 213.4 miles to reserve.
http://totalmotorcycle.com/BBS/album_thumbnail.php?pic_id=4750 (http://totalmotorcycle.com/BBS/album_showpage.php?full=&pic_id=4750)

08/30/09 Supertrapp v stock bike challenge - Pride dooms other liter bike rider to nurse his bike that last 35 miles to the next gas station. I ran the typical 203 to reserve and gave up 40 miles at the start of the day. Still ran his arse near dry! Fuel consumption was higher due to steep canyons and pace. The Supertrapp made my bike ~20% more fuel efficient than his.
http://www.zxforums.com/gallery/data/539/thumbs/MD_groupridew.jpg (http://www.zxforums.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=819&size=big&cat=)

Edited 09/21/09 - Time for new rubber...again, but not much else to add, since the bike is running so perfect and predictable. I've been on many rides since and it's the same story. Man!! Passing cars lights the Supertrapp up. What an awesome awesome sound! I gotta trade bikes with someone for a straightaway and let them pass me on my bike doing full song.

03/20/10 I wish the touring bikes could keep up with my sportbike, but then the sportbikes can't keep up with my sportbike! The rider was speechless, asking me to stop twice to be sure I wasn't running out of gas. I told him, No, I'm good. We stopped a third time so we could make a detour to fill him up. My old 5g carb'ed bike would have outdistanced his 5.8g EFI bike by over 40 miles.

10-10-2009, 01:16 PM
I can't say for sure, but if there's another ZX-9r on this planet that performs as well as mine, I'd like to hear about it.

Thanks to my adjustable SuperTrapp diffuser design, my bike's old record fell twice yesterday. That's impressive enough, until you factor in that my ZX-9r is 10%-116% more fuel efficient than all other 9Rs on planet Earth. That's insane! I have to conclude that other bike owners change their bikes in all the wrong ways. And if so, I'm glad I don't follow them by installing their performance mods. All I need to do turn my bike back to a screamer is add one diffuser disc and raise the jet needle with a set of $0.79 washers.

For the record: 10/10/09 - The first tank produced a 218.9 to reserve, the second a 221.5 to reserve. The mods were simple enough. I took one diffuser plate off the SuperTrapp and dropped the jet needle back to stock position. The combination was good for a decent 2 MPG boost. Hwy MPG now stands at the highest my bike has ever recorded, 55 MPG.

08-04-2011, 12:02 AM
No challengers after almost 2 years? I was hoping so, but I'm not surprised. For the record, she's routed every ZX-9R she's come up against.

Meanwhile my SuperTrapp equipped ZX-9Rs, continue to impress. Yes that is correct, I now have two. Both equipped with their own universal 13" x 4" external disc SuperTrapp mufflers. Both are nothing short of their superbike heritage, except when they hit the canyons they set the bar for endurance and speed.

No other bike of any make or model, so far, can touch them. Nothing. Not one. The faster the pace, the more they excel over the competition. The longer the ride, the more the competition gets to watch my SuperTrapp end-cap disappear into the distance, which lately doesn't take long. Proving that a properly tuned SuperTrapp, not only has the right stuff to keep my older bike competitive on power, but also lets the old girl thrash them on range.


08-04-2011, 06:26 AM
Always good to hear your positive and entusiastic comments KZ!