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04-04-2009, 08:14 AM
I have a 2008 fuel injected 96" Street Glide with a little over 6000 miles. I just purchased a supermeg 2:1 in black ceramic. A friend who is an auto mechanic has agreed to help me with the install. But now I am completely confused as to how many discs I should use. And the more I google it, the more confused I am getting!

My bike is currently stock. I ride around town and I love long rides in the New Mexico high altitude mountains. AFter installing the supermeg, I plan to get a power commander, or some other programmable chip, and a big sucker type breather.

My goal is to have a nice loud, deep sound. The stock pipes sound like a gold wing! And I of course want to see more power. But after reading posts on all kinds of sites, I'm afraid getting the best performance from the supermeg is going to make my bike sound like a sportbike instead of a loud, rumbling harley.

So with all that in mind, it would be great to hear an expert opinion on what kind of set-up I should use for the install. Keep in mind, I'm a weekend warrior and can't see myself constantly changing discs out, or re-tuning, etc!

04-06-2009, 10:07 AM
Your post was SAT am so I am going to assume you already put the pipe on and have been riding the rest of the weekend?
Regardless, stop googling and reading too many posts by 'experts'.
As the instructions state, 20 and a free flowing air filter for best performance. Even without the filter for now, you want the noise, put 20 and go ride.

04-06-2009, 12:45 PM
Go ridin? Heck yeah, I'm weaing it OUT! But I've still got the stock pipes until sometime this week.

I just wanted to hear from you as to the number of discs. If you say 20, I'll use 20! I didn't get any instructions with the kit, so of course I started trying to find them online. The instructions I found on the Supertrapp sight don't actually tell you how many discs to use on a stock bike, etc.

On several forums I've seen other buyers say that the instructions say to start with 12 discs on a stock application and then work your way up until desired results are met. But if you say I'll get max performance and sound from 20, that's what I'll do!

Thanks much!

04-06-2009, 01:35 PM
Good deal, riding it is what it's all about.
Go with the 20 and be done with it. If for some reason you want to quiet it down a little, take a few out.
Remember to use the anti-seize on the threads of the screws.