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03-31-2009, 03:54 PM
I recently purchased a 2003 BMW F650 GS Dakar with an aftermarket Supertrapp muffler already installed. I cannot find a serial number on the pipe but I do know it was purchased from a firm that catered specifically to the BMW aftermarket online known as Adventurepipe.com. (now called caribou luggage systems). It appears to be one of the universal pipes.

The pipe was ungodly loud and would backfire when I let off the throttle. Based on my experience this indicates there is not enough back pressure.

ISSUE ONE: Do you sell replacement Allen head screws for the outer end cap? If not, where can I purchase them?

I removed the pipe and unscrewed the Allen head screws holding the end cap on. This led to my first problem. One of the Allen head screws was missing, one came out just fine, and while removing the final screw, the head twisted off and separated from the threaded shaft.

ISSUE TWO: What type and model number of packing material do I need to order to repack the core of the muffler?

I was able to remove the core. It is a straight pipe with hundreds of holes in it. It appears to fit over a portion of the inlet pipe that protrudes into the muffler housing from the bottom. When I removed it, I noticed that there was no packing material surrounding the core at all. However, there was a small amount left surrounding the portion of the inlet pipe that protrudes into the muffler housing. I assume I need to purchase replacement packing material to properly rebuild the core prior to re-insertion into the muffler housing, however, I do not know which model number packing to purchase.

I can provide pictures if a more detailed description is necessary.

ISSUE THREE: What is the best way to clean the outside and inside of the muffler housing prior to repacking and reassembly?

Thank you for your time and attention.


04-01-2009, 07:58 AM
Hard to tell you what you need to do when we don't know what you have.
Every muffler produced has a part number stamped on it somewhere. Take it off the bike, look around the inlet area where the clamp would be, there will be something with 027-XXXX?
It sound like you have a universal Superlight? Take a look at our website at the universals;

Take a pic also, email to; sales@supertrapp.com and we'll go from there.