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02-19-2009, 03:45 PM

Chris from Vermont here. I recently purchased a 2005 KLR650. The bike has a Supertrapp IDS2 exhaust on it -no carb or airbox mods have been done. The exhaust is not the quiet version. When I hold it up to the light (after removing the disks and end cap) I can see right straight through. The exhaust looks great and is super light but is WAY too loud for street use. It currently has 9 disks installed. Is there anyway to retrofit this exhaust to be a 'quiet' version? But maybe even before going there, how quiet is the IDS2 Quiet version when compared to stock? I want the bike as quiet as possible - I didn't buy this bike for speed so the stock power levels are fine with me. I am just sort of stuck. I will not ride the bike on the street being this loud so my only options are to try to quiet the Supertrapp down, search for another brand that is quieter, or try to find a stock exhaust somewhere.

I like the pipe and would rather keep it but am not sure what to do.

Thanks in advance!


02-19-2009, 03:55 PM
The 'Quiet' is available and will fit right into the muffler body you have, they are about 125bucks.
Since you have nothing to loose, you might just try to reduce the number of discs down to 5-6 just to see? Still won't be as quiet as the quiet core, but it's free.
The Quiet core is louder than stock, slightly at idle and more so in the upper ranges.

02-19-2009, 05:13 PM
Thanks for the reply!

How few of discs can I run? Is 5 about the lowest limit on my race version? Will fewer than that cause too much backpressure?

Can I ask this?...I purchased this KLR to ride on rainy days and to do some occasional dirt road exploring on. I wish it had the stock exhaust but it doesn't. My other bike is a CBR1100XX so I get my need for smooth power from that. I say all this because I simply don't care about getting a few more ponies - I just want my sweet new KLR not to piss people off when I ride by. Is my only option really to find a stock exhaust? Is pretty much any aftermarket exhaust going to be significantly louder than stock?

Thanks again for the help as I work through this.


02-20-2009, 07:39 AM
4-5 is the least number of discs you would want to run, that is on par with the stock muffler flow rate(roughly). Fewer would cause too much back pressure, what happens is with too much backpressure the muffler body retains heat and will damage the muffler.
I understand you wanting to be quiet, and applaud you for it, more need to do so. Our quiet core, as I mentioned, is pretty quiet down low rpm-slightly louder than stock-but like most all aftermarket mufflers they are louder in the upper range. The quiet core is substantially quieter than what you are running now with 9 discs.
Again, I would suggest before letting go of your hard earned money, take it down to 5 or 6 discs and try it. It cost you nothing other than a few minutes to do it. See the difference for yourself. The quiet core with 6 discs will be even quieter, but give it a try.
Otherwise, you could probably find a stock exhaust somewhere pretty cheap/free?

02-21-2009, 12:36 PM
Thanks again for the great info and for taking the time to help me out. It is much appreciated.

Take care.