View Full Version : Universal SC installation

11-25-2008, 05:57 PM

I have a 2009 Kymco 500cc scoot. I want to install the SC universal exhaust but I am wondering how to secure it to the bike? The inlet size in 1.5". Is there a bracket you can buy to go around the can and attach the can to the bike?

Also, will the SC with 4 or less plates be close to stock backpressure? I don't want a really loud sound, I just want a more throaty sound.

It is fuel injected so i would assume I do not need to remap or anything.


do you recommend a different exhaust?

11-26-2008, 07:24 AM
Most of our Universals come with a 2 piece tri-bracket you can bend & weld to the muffler body for a custom fit or a center pull body clamp. The body clamp has a range of movement on the body and pulls tightly together with tabs with holes in them for mounting.