View Full Version : FSBO or trade KTM 990 Super Duke with Akropovic exhaust for anything w/a SuperTrapp

06-09-2020, 01:10 PM

SuperTrapp Aluminum Racing Series v. twin Akropovic KTM Super Duke 990.

The SuperTrapp bike is giving up 100 cc in displacement and ~10 years of motorcycling evolution. The ZX-9R literally leaps from corner to corner, while the Aky bike sounds burdened.

What's even more sad, is that the ZX-9R with the SuperTrapp is cruising in 6th gear up the mountain, while the KTM literally has to top out near red-line in a futile attempt to keep up.

Akropovic Super Duke is completely outmatched by the superior SuperTrapp power.

Better luck next time, fool!

The KTM is doing the filming. The Ninja ZX-9R is ahead of it.


08-18-2020, 06:16 PM
The KTM 990 was crashed for a second time recently, but it wasn't the owner's fault. It's slated for repair, so maybe some more videos to come?

On a related note, another KTM 790 rider had to abandon their bike in the country, which I was asked to ride back into town for them. Not to be too much of a sportbike snob, but the KTM is a POS in my estimation. The engine is the best part, but everything else from the riding position to the harsh ride to the wind protection to the throttle control to the ability to avoid obstacles in the road was worse than my older, far less expensive ZX-9R sportbike. The owner was all inquisitive about my riding impression and I had to be honest. I don't see any reason to own such a bike. None. Worthless piece of machinery to me.

Let me clarify. The Y shaped handlebars pinch your wrists into an unnatural position while riding. At least, if they were flat horizontal that would be an improvement, but they're kind of banana bicycle Y-shaped.

The grips have an outer lip that puts pressure on the palm of your hands, so moving your hands to the bar ends isn't practical for extended periods. Both cause more fatigue and less steering and throttle control. Speaking of which, the bike doesn't come with a throttle lock or cruise control, so without the ability to steady the throttle in some way, you end up accelerating/decelerating endlessly as you hit bumps and road irregularities. The owner admitted too, that they experience the same thing, but didn't realize not all bikes suffer from such uncontrolled behavior. *tard*

I only had to ride the bike for about 15 miles, but I could tell quickly that highway riding such a bike while seated bolt-upright in the seat, as the pegs, bars and seat have you placed, would make for a turbulent battering noisy fatiguing kind of ride experience. I pondered over and over in my head, what were they thinking that day on the showroom floor? How low of a bar would they have to have to think that this was something worth purchasing? For street riding? Are you kidding me? This thing is a joke on them! Maybe I was right and this led to the rider having to abandon their new bike in the heat of the high plains this weekend, it wore them out to the point they could no longer ride, while everyone else was relatively fresh.

Not to be a butt about it, but that's basically how I framed it in my PC kind of way. If I wanted to be a butt about it, I would have added that I wouldn't own that bike if they gave it to me and required I register and keep it. It would never ever get ridden and I wouldn't allow anyone else to risk their lives by riding it either.