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01-11-2012, 12:44 AM
Hi All, I could use some advice. I have a '79 sr500 with stock header and silencer. I just bought a used supertrapp 4" megaphone with a connector, and was told that it is set up for the sr500. Haven't tried it out yet.

The end of the silencer has a "t102" spark arrestor and is held on by a bolt through the center rather than the typical screws around the circumference of the discs. I can't tell whether unit has the holes necessary to use the screws instead of the bolt.

The core appears to be held in by a single bolt rather than multiple bolts.

Two discs were mounted, I have no other discs.

I have a bunch of questions after looking through the faq and watching videos on the site.

(1) Does this look like the right Supertrapp for my SR

(2)How many discs should I use for my stock SR500 if I want it loud, and I'm after max horsepower. This is for street use.

(3) Which discs should I buy, and is there a longer center bolt that would accommodate the larger number of discs.

(4) What is the performance/sound difference betwen the t102 and a modern end cap, and if better, which one do I buy, and how can I install it given the center bolt situation.

(5) How do I know if the core is shot, and if so, is there a replacment available. I've attached a photo. does not appear to be crumbling.

(6) If I want to get the core out, is there anything holding it in other than the single screw that I've removed, and do I get it out using a stick from the other end, as in the videos on the site.

(7) Any recommendations for rejetting.

(8) Can someone post a pdf of the instructions for this model or a similar model.

(9) If I am able to add the screws, does supertrapp sell them and which ones should I buy.

(10) what's the best anti-seize to use on the screws.

Please see the photos attached. If they don't make it into this post, I will try again.


01-11-2012, 07:13 AM
Shoot your questions in an email to our SuperTrapp Customer Service Reps at;