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09-17-2011, 02:10 PM
Hello again. I repowered my 00" Indian Chief replacing the 88" with a 117" S&S Engine. Due to the 117" engine's additional width (+.250) the front header pipe on my original Indian ST 2:1 Internal Disc exhaust system is now very close (.075 to .100" clearance) to the new engine's cam cover.



I want to keep the original ST 2:1 ID exhaust if possible due to its length and the ST ID fishtail muffler. Is there an alternate ST or Kerker header pipe available I could use that will provide a bit more clearance to the engine's cam cover?

I also read that Kerker made the 02-03' Indian Chief Exhaust system which has a similiar ST ID Fishtail muffler with an added front flange shield but a different header pipe. Is the 02-03' Indian Chief ST ID exhaust system still available?


Was also thinking that the newer 02-03' Indian ST ID muffler might work better with one of the newer Kerker or ST 2:1 header pipes and provide more clearance with the new engines cam cover. Please advise. Thanks!

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09-19-2011, 11:09 AM
The issue is the cam cover itself, SS has both a short and long cam cover.
You may look into that?

Regardless, the pipe is mounted to the motor, it all vibrates and moves together, you should be fine.

Regardless, all of the pipes had the same clearance in that area.

09-19-2011, 11:38 PM
Thanks jwells for your reply:

As far as a long and short S&S cam cover, I believe you may be thinking of the external and internal ignition options. I set this engine up with an external (sensor under the cam cover so it has the taller cone style cam cover) The internal has the sensor on the flywheel and the internal cam cover is sealed off and is much shorter.

the taller cone is not the area of tight fit to the front header pipe. Its along the upper outside front edge of the cam cover which would be the same for either style cover.

I noticed some of the ST front header pipes have a double bend allowing more clearance along the front edge of the cam covers.

Anyway, tonight I was able to get a little more clearance by using the thicker S&S exhaust gaskets and with the system assembled but loose tapping a wood door shim in between the pipe and cover. I then tightened up the system and removed the shim. It helped. Pipe now has a pretty equal clearance of approx .150" (almost 5/32) down the front edge of the cam cover to the pipe. Still not enough room to get the shield in between the cover and pipe.

I'm sorry but I tried to post a few images to the forum but not having any luck. I could send a few pics to you for a better understanding if your interested. Just need an e-mail address. Thanks.

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email: naumanc@comcast.net

09-20-2011, 08:32 AM
email pics to; sales@supertrapp.com