View Full Version : 2005 Twin Cam fitment

11-30-2010, 03:54 AM
I have a Supertrapp 2:1 system from a 1995 Evo Road King and wish to use it on my 2005 TC88 Road King Custom.

Having lined the system up it appears to fit at the exhaust ports and the silencer at the rear rubber mounting. However, the front downpipe clamp does not work off the transmission mount due to the fact the downpipes have already merged before that point.

The previous downpipe clamp mounted off the rear of the timing chest for the Evo motor. Do I need another bracket for this application or is it a case of not fitting?


11-30-2010, 07:21 AM
You may want to take a look at the installation instructions for the later models;

1. Install stock flanges on both headpipes.
2. Mount the headpipes using the stock nuts. DO NOT TIGHTEN.
3. Install a #24 hose clamp (supplied) around the front head pipe, between the front and rear
pipes, at the stock transmission mount point. Wrap the clamp around the stock bracket. DO
4. Slide the T-bolt clamp (supplied) onto the inlet end of the muffler. Slide the muffler onto the
outlet end of the headpipe. DO NOT TIGHTEN CLAMP.
5. Attach the muffler to the stock muffler support using 5/16” bolts, lock washers, and square
nuts (supplied). Tighten both bolts. Note: Slide a small, flat blade, screwdriver between the nut
and bracket to keep the nut from spinning while tightening.
6. Tighten the rest of the hardware starting by aligning the head pipes and tightening the flange
nuts, then the clamp at the transmission and finally the T-bolt clamp on the muffler.