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10-11-2010, 09:53 PM
Just picked up my 2011 Electraglide Ultra Limited (FLHTK). Sweet 103 inch engine needs some slip-ons. As I like to hear the radio and cruise the interstates regularly on long rides, which slip-on will give me a good sound, but not drown out the tunes? I am leaning towards Supertrapp SE's, as I read they will only be 3 db louder than stock but sound better, and increase torque/hp. Will 128-65115's fill the bill (and fit), and are 128-6117 too loud to meet my needs? I know sound/volume is a matter of opinion, but as you can see by my comments concerning the radio and long rides are important. Am hoping the Guru has some suggestions. Not too loud please!


10-12-2010, 11:03 AM
The 128-65117's are the 2010/11 version of the 128-65115's. The 7's are freer "opened up" flowing due to the catalyst headpipes on the 2010/11 model soaking up so much sound. ie... read that as, if you install a set of 5's on your bike it will sound like your stock pipes.
BUT...if you remove the catalyst or you swap out the headpipe with a NON-catalyst headpipe...now you're back to '09 sound levels and the 5's .