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11-19-2007, 04:45 PM
I´ve got a 883R ´02 with a 2:1 system. Which is the best muffler I can get?

11-20-2007, 08:08 AM
I´ve got a 883R ´02 with a 2:1 system. Which is the best muffler I can get?

If you are looking at the Universals, I would look at any of the Stainless 4" disc units.

The French Connection
11-21-2007, 07:43 AM
The HD Screaming Eagle solution for the 2:1 883 R headpipe is part no. SE 80069-02, it is obsolete and difficult to find.

For a lighter, tuneable, and serviceable solution from Supertrapp need the


You'll find it in the automotive section, I chose it because it is the closest match to the stock 883R 2-1 header.

The part number is #432-2222 but you will need to special order it WITHOUT the universal slide bracket welded to the muffler body. You will however need the slide bracket also which is sold separately. If you intend on using more than the standard 12 disks, then check if you need to order longer bolts too.

Here is how to install it, please note that it will require the sacrifice of your stock muffler part no. 64783-02.

1. Take of the heat shield at the Y and mark the position of the muffler assembly on the collector. A horizontal line with a touch up pen or dab of paint is fine.

2. Remove the stock muffler and saw/grind off the silencer at the weld. You will be left with a piece of pipe about 7 inches long with an OD of 2 1/8 inches. I call this 'the stub' and it serves to align your megaphone with the HD exhaust bracket. Clean up any rough edges.

3.The Supertrapp part is for a 2.25 OD pipe so you need to step up the pipe with a tube approximately ID 2 1/8 (or OD 2 1/4) and in either case a 1/16th wall. We'll call this the collar. I live in France and my local auto parts store had a galvanized exhaust connector ID 54mm OD 57mm 1.5mm wall which was perfect for 10 eurobucks. You only need about 2 inches of length so buy the smallest. I have a bunch left over if you need it which I'll gladly mail to you with postage paid via paypal.

4. Slide the tube onto the stub about 2 inches, it will only go so far b/c the stub has a bend in it, and cut off the rest. Install the stub back on the collector and align the marks you made in step one. No need for the clamp at this time.

5. Take the Supertrapp slide bracket and bolt it handtight on to the HD exhaust bracket, the bolts are facing down. (I stacked a bunch of stainless washers between the HD and the Supertrapp bracket to get the pipe up a little for ground clearance)

6. A bungee cord, nylon strap or huge rubber band is needed here for strapping...Grab the shiny new muffler and slip it on to the stub and strap it to the HD exhaust bracket (to which the supertrapp bracket is already bolted). The fit should be almost perfect, and since everything is only hand tight you should be able to move things around until perfection is attained. Remember to present the heatshield for the Y collector, if you have one, to be sure that it will fit back on nicely and cover both connections.

7. With an indelible pen trace around the Supertrapp bracket to mark its definite position on the muffler. Also check swingarm clearance, the outboard side of the Supertrapp bracket lines up nicely with the weld running down the middle of the megaphone. The Supertrapp bracket should be offset to the inside, under the muffler. If you want/need more room for the swingarm then shim the HD exhaust bracket with washers where it attaches to the frame.

8. Remove the muffler and the stub and find someone who can weld stainless. He/she/you should weld the universal bracket to the muffler and run a bead of appropriate weld around stub to seal the collar you made.

9. Mount it all on your bike, align, and progressively secure it all nice and tight.

10. You are done. Do your disk thing and re-check tightness after 100 miles or so.

Enjoy, it's an awesome pipe.

You can see a picture of the finished install in the testimonials gallery.