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12-25-2009, 06:28 PM
I own a 78 XT500 Yamaha. It has had a supertrapp exhaust sense day one. After removing the exhaust and cleaning for repaint I found the stampings. The print shows (T 100 pat. pend.) Should there be a packing inside the exhaust, it is extremely loud? If so is it still available and how too?


12-30-2009, 11:20 AM
T-100 is a reference to 'Spark Arrestor' designation and in no way identifies the muffler.
I am going to assume that it is probably the older style 3M steel body unit, please refer to our website; http://supertrapp.com/product_sections/cat.asp?CatID=35
Those are only sold as 'universal' applications now. Yes it should have some packing. Even still they were never very quiet.

Take a look, you can access all the instructions and such.

We will re-open after the New Year, you can contact customer service at that time for specifics.

Thanks and Merry Christmas Happy New Year!